Payment Info

Payment Options

While shopping on Hikari Calyx Tech Store, you can make your purchase using any of the following payment methods. Please, note that you can’t combine several methods in a single payment. All the methods listed below guarantee prompt money transfer to recipient unless noted.

Online Payments (non Cryptocoin)

Chinese customers who prefer this method should request on our Taobao Store instead. Note that other Alipay+ family members including Alipay HK are unsupported.
WeChat Pay
Once we confirm that you’re from China, we will provide you a QR code to send payment to us.
PayPalPayPal is a system of electronic payments, that allows to send and receive payments online easily and quickly. It allows to pay both via credit /debit card. PayPal is the secure, free and easy way to pay.
Customers from China mainland cannot use this payment method.

Cryptocoin Payments

BinanceBinance is a cryptocurrency exchange that lists more than 360 cryptocurrencies globally. In addition to cryptocurrency trading, it offers several services that enhance the experience for users and blockchain developers. If you have Binance account, all your payments will not have any transaction fee.
When using this payment method, please contact us to get our Binance ID.
USDT-TRC20Tether (often USDT) is a cryptocurrency that allows customers to buy goods in real-time. A screenshot of your payment is required. This method does not support refund.
BitcoinBitcoin payment is a payment solution that allows customers to buy goods with bitcoins in accordance with the real-time bitcoin rate.
Note! A customer has 20 minutes to complete the payment. If it takes more than 15 minutes to pay, the exchange rate will be different. This method does not support refund.

Gift Card

Due to technical limitation, methods below don’t support refund.

Nintendo eShop Gift CardThe gift card is meant for purchasing digital download games in Nintendo Switch. We can only accept Gift Card from Japan or United States region. Gift card from all other regions or game redeem codes are unsupported.
GoCash Game CardGoCash Game Card allows top up in game cash points to allow buying virtual items in game.

Refund Policy

We can issue you refund when the payment method is supported and any of following conditions are met:

  • You decide to change your mind before your device is being serviced.
  • We are unable to service your device due to unfixable errors.
  • We break your device because it’s the issue caused by us.
  • The non-virtual item is not shipped yet.