Factory Reset and Remove FRP for Nokia Android Phones / Tablets


This service will reset your Nokia phone that forgets lockscreen password. Supported Models: Nokia 1.4, Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.3, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 5.4, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 8V 5G UW, Nokia X10, Nokia X20, Nokia X30, Nokia XR20, Nokia G10, Nokia G11, Nokia G11 Plus, Nokia G20, Nokia G21, Nokia G22, Nokia G50, Nokia G60, Nokia C10, Nokia C20, Nokia C21, Nokia C3, Nokia C2, Nokia C01 Plus, Nokia T20, Nokia T10, Nokia T21.

We do not support USA exclusive models with one letter followed by 3 digits, such as X100, G400, G100, G300.

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About this service

You have configured lockscreen password and forgot it shortly? This service will reset your Nokia phone back to normal.

Why provide this service?

Since Nokia 3.4, many Nokia phones got “Wipe data/factory reset” option removed from recovery menu on purpose, which made factory reset impossible for end-users.

If you’re using Nokia phones released from October 2020 or earlier, you can still easily reset it yourself by following guide online. Depends on your phone model and where you bought it, you may encounter FRP afterwards.

Will my data safe after reset? Can I just recover password without factory reset?

No, all your data stored on phone internal storage will be erased. Due to full disk encryption / file-based encryption implemented on the phone, it’s not possible to recover the password or retain data.

Why USA exclusive models are unsupported?

These models used different service authentication method that cannot be handled by us.

Requirement for customers

If your phone/tablet is powered by Unisoc/Spreadtrum processor

You need to have a PC with either Windows (x86 or AMD64) or Linux (any architecture) running – macOS and ChromeOS are currently unsupported. If the customer has experience of using commandlines, we will not operate your PC remotely. The remote desktop app we will use are these:

  • AeroAdmin (for non-Chinese customers running Windows)
  • RustDesk (for non-Chinese customers running any OS)
  • ToDesk (for Chinese customers only)

If your phone is powered by Qualcomm/MediaTek processor

If you have a PC, then same as above. If you don’t have a PC but can use another Android device with USB Type-C port, you can also request this service. In this case, you’ll need a USB-C to USB-C cable, or an OTG (On-The-Go) cable (if the phone being serviced uses MicroUSB). Latter can be easily purchased on online shopping websites like Amazon.

For example, if you have an Android tablet, we can reset your phone via the Android tablet you have.